Delivery Consultant (German market)

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  • Groningen, Netherlands

Delivery Consultant (German market)

Job description

We are looking for the person who wants to ensure that EventInsight’s software provides the customer with everything he/she could hope for. A Delivery Consultant is proactive and places themself in the customer’s shoes in order to come up with the best options for their event. You are responsible for over 25 events each month and offer indirect support to over 250,000 yearly users.

As a Delivery Consultant you advise event managers (the customers) on how to use our software and you watch over the delivery planning for all the planned events. Furthermore, you contribute ideas on how we can improve EventInsight’s software to create an even better experience. You are also involved with the development of the knowledge base. You’re responsible for the settings of the software for every event, to ensure that these settings match with the goals set by the customer.

What do we expect from a Delivery Consultant?

  • You make sure that the launch of the event takes place as planned. You handle every detail in time and have full control over the process.
  • Customers value your service and guidance with at least an 8 (B)
  • 90% of the customers using our software decide to use the EventInsight software again for their latest events.

Job requirements

What are we looking for?

A Delivery Consultant works in a very accurate and structured manner. Your decisions effect thousands of users, so it is important that you are confident in what you are doing. Furthermore, it is important that you can switch tasks quickly – you are cognitively flexible. There is a chance you get a lastminute request, so you have to act on it right away. To succeed in this position, affinity with technique and software is a must. You have to learn our software fast, so you can utilize every feature for our customers.

Who are you?

  • Bachelor Degree level of work and thinking.
  • A brain with creativity in it.
  • Excellent command of German, both verbally and in writing and Excellent command of English.
  • Knowing the German culture.
  • Personal development: you are willing to improve yourself and help others to do so.
  • Minimum availability of 32 hours per week.

We are looking for someone enthusiastic and devoted, someone who is committed and eager to make sure that all the targets have been achieved. Additionally, you have perfect communication skills and you don’t mind working in Excel.

You better pass on this role if…

You are not a fit for this position if you are chaotic and disordered, you are not analytical and cannot handle last minute changes.

About EventInsight

At EventInsight, we improve events through our curiosity and meaningful innovations. EventInsight was founded in 2017 and has a young team with creative and innovative people. We think it's important that we get energy from our work and this is reflected in our collaborations! Together we ensure that our partners get the most out of their events and that is why EventInsight grows further year on year. This philosophy has already given rise to long term relations with 89% of all of our customers. By 2022, we will see that EventInsight is future-proof, we have the best work environment and we are known as THE eventimprovers.

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